Teams for the league games are set and we are a go for the 2015 Season!

by Admin

29 May 2015 : 02:19
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The board has set the 2015 League teams, meaning we are set to start the season on June 4th!

Not much to say here that isn't already in the title card, but there it is. We've set up teams as evenly as possible, and are looking forward to a great 2015 League season of Epic!

Just because we're official, though, doesn't mean that sign-ups are closed, or changes can't be made if necessary, but any changes from now on will need to be approved through the EKU Board, so let us know via email ( or in person if something comes up that may necessitate a change of roster. Otherwise, we'll see you all out there for the last two pre-season games!


-Dane Filemyr


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