News Item: Update to Open Registration
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Thursday 23 April 2015 - 23:04:00

Hey folks!

Because of slow registration and some problems that we've had with getting the electronic sign ups working, we've decided to push back the open registration from April 30th until May 15th. This buys people another two weeks (-ish) to sign up during the open period and have the option to sign up as a team, or with partners. This will probably make things a bit tought for us on the back end, because we'll have half the time to build and finalize the bracket, but we want to make sure that you, the players, are able to sign up, or there won't be a league to run!

Just because we're pushing back the time for open registration doesn't mean that anything else is moving, though, so make sure to sign up as soon as you can to ensure you have a spot in the league this summer. Also, remember to tell your friends to sign up so they can play with you, or your enemies, so you can revel in their defeat at your team's hands!

See you this summer!

-Dane Filemyr


(P.S. If you see any documentation this summer that says Apr 30 still, it's because I didn't remember to change that page, sorry!)

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