League Standards and Requirements


Team Composition


  • Teams must have at least 6 registered players on the roster to qualify for League play. If teams have too few players to qualify for play, other players may be moved from higher population teams to lower population teams during the pre-season to facilitate as many qualified teams as possible. Teams composed of players who signed up together will be considered last, and consulted with, prior to any moves being made.


  • Teams will be allowed to have up to 4 additional “reserve” players on their roster, bringing their team size to 10. Additional players will moved elsewhere to balance out less populated teams, or help generate new teams.


  • Acting EKU officials and representatives will be spread as evenly as possible among all teams to ensure fairness of play.


  • All gear provided to players by EKU will be spread as evenly as possible among all teams and players as possible. Conflicts between players based on legitimate safety concerns (equipment sizes, weight limits, etc.) will be resolved in favor of the safest outcome. Conflicts between players based on preferences will be resolved in favor of the player that arrives first.


  • Concerns about team composition and/or equipment allocation should be brought to an EKU representative, and will be reviewed.


  • Players may be suspended or expelled from the league for repeated or egregious fouls and safety concerns. Expelled players will not have their registration fees returned. Expulsion from the league will be a last resort for dangerous and irreparable behavior, requiring a majority vote by board members.


  • Each team must have at least one member to act as their team’s Board-approved representative, who will be expected to make objective calls about rules if asked. If more than one representative is fielded by a single team, one must be declared the “active” representative.


  • In each game, teams will declare a team captain.  If the team has only one representative on the field for a game, that representative should be the team's acting team captain. The team captain is responsible for determining which of their players are on the field throughout the game.



Player Registration


  • Players may register at either $100, with all equipment provided by EKU, or at $80 with the player being responsible for all of their own gear.


  • Players may cancel league participation and receive a refund of 100% before playing the first game. The refund drops to 50% after the first game is played. There is no refund for players leaving after the second game is played.


  • Player preference will be taken into account when selecting team placement, but balancing team population and accounting for team size restrictions take precedence where conflict occurs.


  • Players are welcome, and encouraged, to supply their own equipment for play in order to promote the best playing experience.


  • All equipment and boats not provided by EKU must be inspected and approved by a League Representative to make sure it meets the safety requirements of the League. Equipment that represents a danger to the user, or other players, may not be used during league games. Any changes in the condition of equipment (modifications, damage, replacement, etc.) require reevaluation by a league representative.


  • All players must attend an introduction course before their first league game each season. This session will cover rules, safety concerns, and procedures of play. Two sessions will occur the week before league play starts, with an abbreviated session held immediately prior to the first game of the season for each team. Participants who have not completed this course will not be allowed to play until they have.



League Scoring System


  • The Kayak Ultimate league uses a point system to determine placement within the league standings. After each game, teams will be awarded points based on the outcome, and their place in the league standings will be updated.


  • Teams will earn 2 points for each victory, either by called game or by having the highest score at the end of the game. If no winner is determined when time is called, both teams are awarded 1 point. Losing teams, or teams that were forced to forfeit, are awarded 0 points for the game.


  • The last week of the regular season will be a free week with no scheduled games. If there were games missed due to weather, or other cancellations, make-up games will be played during the free week to determine final regular season scores.


  • If there is a tie when determining playoff teams, each team’s total wins, then total goals scored, will be used as backup stats.


  • If there is a tie during the playoff games, the game will continue into Sudden Death overtime, with the first team to score winning the match.


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