Between Seasons: November 2015 Update

by Admin

10 Nov 2015 : 00:28
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Who is the current board, what we've been doing lately, and where we are going from here!

Hey everyone! Just a quick update on what's been going on with EK since we wrapped up the season at our BBQ / Award ceremony!

First off, we wanted to let everyone know about some changes in the membership of the EKU Board. Two of our founding members, Erik and Sam, have stepped down as board members and were replaced by Cat Fordham and Duane Shaffer. Since that time, we've been working hard to review the information from the end of season surveys and hammer out some changes to how EKU runs the League operations. To that end, we'd like to establish some transparency with our dedicated player base and give you all the chance to talk with us about these pending changes. We'll asking folks on both Facebook and Google about their availablility for a "town hall" meeting this December and trying to pick a good venue provided there is enough interest, so please keep an eye out to make your voice heard.

That's it for now, but we'll be in contact as things unfold to try to keep all of you up to date with the direction that EKU is headed. Thanks!

-Dane F.


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