2020 upcoming events and season information

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15 Mar 2018 : 05:40
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2020 League fees announced: We have seen outpouring of community support and are meeting our budget better than ever. Due to this we are pricing 2020 League Registration fee $100. We are still offering a $10 discount if you use your own equipment making the League Registration fee $90.


Don't forget to support us by selecting Epic Kayak Ultimate as your donation organization when you order from Amazon using Amazon Smile

You can also select Epic Kayak Ultimate as recipient when you use your Community Rewards program through Fred Meyer and Kroger stores.


The 2020 season is rapidly approaching and we have some exciting things happening.


20 Season Events


     April 24-26 - Fairbanks Outdoor Show


     May 27 - Kids Paddle and Playt series begins


     May 25 - Tanana Lakes Boat Swap (proposed date)


     May 25 - Memorial Day Open House at Tanana Lake: Epic all day


     May 27 - League season begins for the Alaska Interior League


     To Be Announced - FNSB Parks and Rec LAke and Trail Festival: Epic all day


     July 4 - Independence Day celebration: Epic all day


     August 19 - End of Season BBQ / Award Ceremony at Tanana Lakes


     August 16 - Blueberry Festival, Epic event at Otto Lake in Healy AK



Every Wednesday starting May 27 we plan to start our weekly Paddle and Play series. This series is being aimed at paddlers in the 10 to 16 age range and will offer skills development clinics that will improve safe kayak handling practices along with gameplay skills development. The program is planned for every Wednesday through the May-July paddling season for 2020.

Open House is a free introduction to Epic Kayak Ultimate event scheduled Memorial Day May 285h.

The FNSB Lake and Trail Festival will be a day full of Epic Kayak Ultimate games while free kayak and canoe clinics are being offered at Tanana Lakes.

Independence day, July 4th is a Wednesday this year and is part of our Paddle and Play series. We are offering a full day of introduction to Epic with experienced players to help paddlers handle kayaks safely and learn how to play Epic.

EKU brings the entire field set up as well as boats and instructors to Healy to share the game with the paddling community there. Games will be played Saturday the 16th. We encourage you to come play with the Nenana river paddlers.




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