Webpage Improvements

by Admin

17 Mar 2015 : 10:50
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Many quality of life improvements have been made to the page. Check them out!

Hey, everyone! Lots of work on the page to date, and we've gotten a lot done in the last few days. Our amazing video, provided my Marcus over at Frostbite Films is up on YouTube and embedded on our homepage, and all of our forms can now be directly accessed from the Google Drive in both pdf and Word formats.

We're still working on getting the electronic registration form up and running, but for now you should be able to register by downloading our paper docs and submitting them via mail or email.

Also, because this is still a baby website, we welcome any suggestions for improvement, or issues that need to be addressed. If you see something out of place, PLEASE, go ahead and leave a comment or shoot us an email. We want to make Epic a great part of the community, and part of that process is making a central location where fans and players can come together and talk about it. Help us make this page a community center that can bring the game to everyone!


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