Equipment Parameters

In order to keep Epic as safe and fun for everyone as possible, we've created guidelines for equipment usage during play. While some of these guidelines were created to promote fairness (most of which are quite obvious, such as no motorcraft), many of these items were added to keep everyone on the field safe. While we encourage our players to try different boats, paddles, and vests to find what works best for them, there are some restrictions that everyone must adhere to in order to keep Epic a safe and fun way to engage in competitive watersports.
Watercraft: Single passenger kayak, no outriggers, hooks, sharp edges, or other parts that could damage players or equipment
Paddle: Standard kayaking paddle with clean edges, no breaks or sharp parts. Fiberglass paddles must have edge guards
Sprayskirt: Most skirts are fine, but must have a release pull
Helmet: Whitewater-style helmet designed for repeated impact, not single use helmet types, such as bicycle helmets
Life Jacket: Type III Coast Guard approved or better
All equipment not provided by Epic: Kayak Ultimate must be inspected and approved before use in EKU events