2020 upcoming events and season information

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15 Mar 2018 : 05:40
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2020 League fees announced: We have seen outpouring of community support and are meeting our budget better than ever. Due to this we are pricing 2020 League Registration fee $100. We are still offering a $10 discount if you use your own equipment making the League Registration fee $90.


Don't forget to support us by selecting Epic Kayak Ultimate as your donation organization when you order from Amazon using Amazon Smile

You can also select Epic Kayak Ultimate as recipient when you use your Community Rewards program through Fred Meyer and Kroger stores.


The 2020 season is rapidly approaching and we have some exciting things happening.


20 Season Events


     April 24-26 - Fairbanks Outdoor Show


     May 27 - Kids Paddle and Playt series begins


     May 25 - Tanana Lakes Boat Swap (proposed date)


     May 25 - Memorial Day Open House at Tanana Lake: Epic all day


     May 27 - League season begins for the Alaska Interior League


     To Be Announced - FNSB Parks and Rec LAke and Trail Festival: Epic all day


     July 4 - Independence Day celebration: Epic all day


     August 19 - End of Season BBQ / Award Ceremony at Tanana Lakes


     August 16 - Blueberry Festival, Epic event at Otto Lake in Healy AK



Every Wednesday starting May 27 we plan to start our weekly Paddle and Play series. This series is being aimed at paddlers in the 10 to 16 age range and will offer skills development clinics that will improve safe kayak handling practices along with gameplay skills development. The program is planned for every Wednesday through the May-July paddling season for 2020.

Open House is a free introduction to Epic Kayak Ultimate event scheduled Memorial Day May 285h.

The FNSB Lake and Trail Festival will be a day full of Epic Kayak Ultimate games while free kayak and canoe clinics are being offered at Tanana Lakes.

Independence day, July 4th is a Wednesday this year and is part of our Paddle and Play series. We are offering a full day of introduction to Epic with experienced players to help paddlers handle kayaks safely and learn how to play Epic.

EKU brings the entire field set up as well as boats and instructors to Healy to share the game with the paddling community there. Games will be played Saturday the 16th. We encourage you to come play with the Nenana river paddlers.



Bringing the 2016 Season to a close in style, with prizes, food, and fun!!

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11 Aug 2016 : 23:59
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We had a great 2016 league season, but there's still more to do before paddling ends for the year!

And just like that, our amazing 2016 league season comes to a close! There was tough competition between our teams, but in the end, only one could stand out and reign supreme. With that, we say:

Congratulations to the Argyle Otters, our 2016 Interior Alaska Epic: Kayak Ultimate League Champions!


But just because the league playoffs are over doesn't mean that we're done for the year! Remember, next week at regular league time is the closing barbecue for the league, with burgers and hot dogs provided by EKU and the Board Members, plus we'll be handing out the 2016 plaque to the champion team and handing out end-of-season surveys, making it an event not to miss. We also want to encourage anyone to bring potluck style food of their own for the rest of the players, to promote that comradarie and sportsmanship that we built the game on, so think of something tasty to share!

After that, leisure play will continue at Tanana Lakes until the end of August, and at Spades Court until the water is too cold as to be safe and comfortable. More than that, though, we'll also be at the 40th Annual Nenana Wildwater Festival, down at the Nenana River and Otto Lake near Denali Park. We also have lots of stuff in the works for this winter to keep those paddles wet even when the snow is flying, so think twice before tossing your gear in storage. You may want to get in on some of these events we're working on with the rest of the paddling community!

Thanks again to everyone for such an amazing season, and to everyone that helped out all summer long!

-Dane F.

First game of the season!

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31 May 2016 : 23:35
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Ready to start the League season? We are!

Hey there, Epicers! Thanks to everyone that came out and made our Memorial Day event a blast!
The best part? That marked the last of our pre-season events, so the next time we see everyone will be at our very first League game of the season, Wednesday, June 1st at 7:15. Remember to show up early, though, and grab all your equipment. Plus, if you haven't had the safety briefing yet this season, you'll need to have one before you can play, so players may want to aim for 6:30 to make sure you're ready to play on time!

The official team listings AND schedule are now posted, so check them out to learn who you are playing with (or against) and when. Also, we're still waiting to hear back from teams 2 and 3 about their official name for the season. The sooner you let us know, the sooner we can update your rosters and make things official!
As always, if you have any questions, feel free to shoot us a message here or at our email. See you then!
-Dane F.

Open water at the ADA Demo lake!

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12 May 2016 : 18:44
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Leisure games start May 16th in North Pole, Tanana Lakes to start soon!

Hey folks we got some great news from Alaska Dream Adventures! The weather's warm, and the ice has melted on the ADA Demo Lake out in North Pole, so we are good to start playing Monday night leisure games NEXT WEEK!

We haven't gotten official word back from Parks and Rec about Tanana Lakes, but we expect to be able to start out there soon, as well. We'll keep you posted as we find out more.

Remember, games tend to start at around 7:00, so try to be there a little early to grab your boat and get in the water, but if you're a little late, no worries. We'll find a team for you and get you right into the action. See you then!

-Dane F.

Open Registration coming to an end!

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10 May 2016 : 18:49
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We're closing up Open Registration in just a few days, but you can still register for the league until June.

Hey there, Epicers!

We just wanted to remind everyone that Open Registration for the 2016 Competitive League ends on May 15th, just 5 days away! One registration ends we'll be sitting down to organize teams, taking into consideration all requests for partnerships and team placement. The teams will be published online later that week, with any additional registrations being added to the existing teams where needed to achieve league balance.

that means that if you want to register and play with your friends, coworkers, or old team mates, now is the time to register. After the 15th we'll still try to accommodate any requests, but they will be subservient to the needs of the league, so don't wait! As per policy, of course, you can still register late, up until the 4th game of the season (June 22nd), but after that the teams will be locked to make sure balance is preserved for the latter half of the season.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at epickayakultimate@gmail.com or in person at any of our events. See you all on the water!


-Dane F.

EKU Newsletter

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16 Apr 2016 : 02:06
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EKU has launched its first newsletter!

Hello, everyone! We are so proud to announce that we have launched our first email newsletter, bringing all the most recent Kayak Ultimate news to our great community. In order to make this as accessible as possible we've decided to post that news letter here as well, so even if you don't subscrive to EKU mailing lists, you can still get all the best Epic news. Please, read over the letter and let us know what you think; this is new territory for us and we want to serve you all, the players that make Epic great, in the best way we can. Enjoy!

2016 Spring EKU Newsletter

-Dane F.

League Registration for 2016 now open

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23 Mar 2016 : 00:06
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Registration for the 2016 League is now active! Sign up now!

That's right, folks! It's time to start registering for the 2016 League season!

It's been a long Alaskan winter, but don't let that slow you down this summer! As of March 15th, Open Registration for the FNSB Competitive League started, so don't get left behind. Just like last year, people can sign up as either individuals or as full teams, and the earlier you sign up, the more likely we can fulfill requests to place players together. Once the slots start filling up, placement becomes harder and harder to manage. Players that are latecomers will end up being placed where needed to round out full team rosters, so don't wait!

For more details, check out our League Registration page (found here) and don't forget to submit your registration form by email or by snail mail BEFORE you make any payment. Once people are approved in the system, an invoice will be sent out to let you know it's safe to pay.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, let us know at EpicKayakUltimate@gmail.com or on our Facebook page.


We're looking forward to seeing those forms keep pouring in, so don't wait to sign up, and we hope to see you all out there this summer!

-Dane F.

#Throwback Thursday - Looking back so we can look forward!

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18 Feb 2016 : 19:48
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An old article written in the Daily News Miner from 4 years ago, in Epic's early days!

So, we're taking a moment to look back at our humble beginnings with this Throwback Thursday article, written by our own, now veteran player, Sam Friedman!
Start getting excited, Epicers, Open Registration is now less than a month away (March 15th)!
Expect to start hearing more from us again as we kick these winter blues and start spinning up for the 2016 Season!

Between Seasons: November 2015 Update

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10 Nov 2015 : 00:28
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Who is the current board, what we've been doing lately, and where we are going from here!

Hey everyone! Just a quick update on what's been going on with EK since we wrapped up the season at our BBQ / Award ceremony!

First off, we wanted to let everyone know about some changes in the membership of the EKU Board. Two of our founding members, Erik and Sam, have stepped down as board members and were replaced by Cat Fordham and Duane Shaffer. Since that time, we've been working hard to review the information from the end of season surveys and hammer out some changes to how EKU runs the League operations. To that end, we'd like to establish some transparency with our dedicated player base and give you all the chance to talk with us about these pending changes. We'll asking folks on both Facebook and Google about their availablility for a "town hall" meeting this December and trying to pick a good venue provided there is enough interest, so please keep an eye out to make your voice heard.

That's it for now, but we'll be in contact as things unfold to try to keep all of you up to date with the direction that EKU is headed. Thanks!

-Dane F.

Moving into the 2015 Post-season with prizes, cookouts, and other activities!

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14 Aug 2015 : 18:07
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It's been a great season, next week we celebrate and hand out prizes! Lesiure games continue until they stop!

Wow! What an intense season on the water this year has been!

There were some amazing games played out there on the water, leading to a strong final game played between the Flying Lampreys and the Argyle Otters, but in the end the Lampreys pulled out a solid last game and won 1st place in the season, settling the Otters into 2nd place. The Savage Seahorses and Team Shark Bait were also slated to play their finals for 3rd and 4th places, however they were both forced into forfeiture due to poor attendance and their standings fell to games/points to determine.


Congratulations to all of the players on the Flying Lampreys for a strong season!


With the last game behind us, we move into the post-season.

First off, League Players, don't go booking up your Thursday evenings just yet! Next week we have our award ceremony for the top placing teams and hand out prizes to all players in the top 4 placed teams (that's everyone, in case you were hiding under a rock all season). There will be food as well, since, with the summer waning, we need to start packing on those calories that we spent the last three months burning off!

As for leisure games, we will continue to run the Monday and Tuesday games until the weather becomes prohibitive, so feel free to keep showing up for those!

We will be shaking things up in the coming months as well, with some changes to the way that the EKU, NPO functions to better represent the Epic community, which we will be touching on briefly during the end of season party next week. In the meantime, as always, if you have any questions or concerns for the EKU Board, feel free to hit us up on social media. You can find us at our Google or Facebook groups, or via our email at epickayakultimate@gmail.com.


See you out there!

-Dane F.